Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lauren & Scott 06.01.12 Sneak Peak!

Lauren & Scott, congratulations on your beautiful wedding at the Hamilton Golf & Country Club! I must admit, at first I was disapointed that the weather did not cooperate, because you had choosen such a gorgeous outdoor location! However,"into each life, some rain must fall" and it actually worked out for the great because it gave us the opportunity to be spontaneous and creative! Seriously though, not only did we get rain, but we got sideways-windy-cold-knock-the-trees-over kind of rain! The grace in which you both handled this change of plans, to me, says a lot about your future ahead together. May all the rest of your days, be as fun and joyous as this day was.  Thank you again for having me be apart of this special day!  Di xo

PS. I should have added a photo of Lauren's grandmother to this post, as her musical performance was the highlight of my day!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Love, The Love's!"

Okay, so I had to share this one. The Love family hired me to come out and document Mrs. Love's 90th Birthday celebration at the end of March (yes, I'm just getting to this post now) and even though I've had the opportunity to work with the kind and generous Love Family many times before, this spring, I had the privilege of meeting Dr. William Robert Love Sr. and Mrs. Aileen Love. I loved the photos of these two together so much, I wanted to do a post dedicated specifically to them. After so many years together, don't they still look so happy together?! I find it very inspiring....

One of my favourite things to say when I visit with this family is: "You Gotta' Love, The Love's!" I know, a bit cheesy, but heck, Love, Love, & more Love to all!

Happy 90th Birthday Mrs. Love!
Di xo

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A&A 05.20.12 Crosswinds

Congratulations Alicja & Adam!!! I can honestly say that my first wedding of 2012 at Crosswinds Golf & Country Club, could not have been any more amazing! The weather was perfect, the atmosphere relaxed, the guests so lovely and friendly, it was flawless. This pair of high school sweethearts, melted my heart all day with their sweet love and admiration for each other; the comfort, ease and gratitude they felt for each other was easy to see. I wish you both many more years of love and happiness! Di xo

Oh, I also can't leave without giving credit to the talented Breanne, from White Feather Designs, for the Groom's custom wedding band in the photo above! She also referred me to Adam & Alicja...so thank you!